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2004 Mobile Letter Issues

Demember I - EverNote -- Radical New Approach to Organizing and Retrieving Notes on the Go -
Electric Pocket -- Busker MP3 Player for Palm -
SanDisk -- Trio of Flash-Based Digital Music Players in Time for the Holidays - Immersion -- VibeTonz Enables Powerful Touch Content for Mobile Phones
Future Itgems of Interest..

November II - IBM -- Unveils ThinkPad T42, First Biometric ThinkPad - Matrix -- 3-D Memory Inexpensive Alternative to Flash for Delivering Content
- Microsoft -- Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 Makes Its Debut - M-Systems and SanDisk -- Pioneering New Flash Memory Standard - Hands On -- We Look at New Handhelds from OQO, PalmOne, and OGO
Future Itgems of Interest..

November I- Archos -- Gmini 400 Portable Video Player Opens Market to New Buyers - CREDANT -- OEM Partnership with Extended Systems Yields Enterprise Win - SyWare--mEnable 2.0 Provides Enterprise Users with Dual Mode Wireless - Microsoft -- Taking a Fresh Stab at the Mobile Market with Portable Media Player
- Hitachi -- Announces Pair of New 100-GB Notebook Hard Drives
Future Itgems of Interest..

October II - Research in Motion -- New BlackBerry for Mobile Communication - Adesso Systems -- Comprehensive Mobile Field Solution for Enterprise and Professional - Amulet -- Compact Graphical User Interface Display Modules for Handhelds - Bitstream -- ThunderHawk 2.0 Replicates Desktop Browsing on Handheld - HP -- The iPAQ 6315 is Newest Windows Mobile SmartPhone
Future Itgems of Interest..

October I - UMA -- Wireless Leaders Publish Open Specs for Cellular/WLAN Convergence -FireFly -- Illuminating Keyboards for Low Light Applications - PanGo -- PanGo Locator is Wireless LAN-Based Asset Visibility and Tracking System - Palm -- Tungsten T5 Charts a New Path For PDAs - AirMedia -- BREW and Java Applications for Wireless Devices
Future Itgems of Interest..

September II - Meru -- Access Point Eliminates 802.11g Client Performance Penalty - RedCannon -- Fireball KeyPoint Enables Secure Computing for Mobile Users - Firetide -- Outdoor Hotspot Hardware Delivers "Instant Networks" - Always On -- Portable Access Point Delivers Wi-Fi in Unusual Places - VoiceSignal -- Command Your Samsung MM-A700 Mobile Phone by Voice
Future Itgems of Interest..

September I - Itronix -- Rugged, Wireless GoBook III Includes Integrated GPS - Nokia -- Wireless Giant Announces Its First 3G Symbian OS Megapixel Phone
SplashData -- SplashID Secures Personal Information on Palm OS_Sprint -- Guarantees Quality of Service for PCS Business Customers - Sensory -- Playing Now in Hasbro's Shrek 2 Toys
Further Items of Interest...

August II Athens -- Mobile Devices Get Workout at Summer Olympics - SyChip -- WLAN6061EB Embedded Module Enables Wireless in Mobile Devices - LinkSys -- Simple WPA Security via Wireless Guard in Wireless-G Access Point - Verizon -- Mobile Web 2.0 Enhances Wireless Services for Mobile Phone Users - iAnyWhere -- SmartPhones Added to Devices Supported by XcelleNet Afaria
Further Items of Interest...

Further Items of Interest...August I Cirago -- Stanchion and Blastoff Portable Music Players - InterVideo -- Instant On Access Multimedia for Fujitsu Laptops - Intel -- New Pentium M and Celeron M Processors for Sub-Notebook Space -
SyChip -- Palm Ready Program Promises Future Wi-Fi Compatibility - Averatec -- C3500 Combines Elements of Notebook and Tablet PC
Further Items of Interest...

July II - BridgePort -- Bridging Wi-Fi and Cellular for Integrated VoIP Applications - Fiberlink -- Security, Access, and Management for Enterprise Mobility
Itronix -- GoBook Q200 Is One Highly Rugged Windows CE Handheld - Interlink Networks -- LucidLink Simplifies Wi-Fi Security for Mid-Sized Business
Averatec -- 6100 Series Stands Out As Affordable Desktop Replacement Notebook
Further Items of Interest...

July I -Namzak -- WebArrow Web collaboration tools
Digital Fountain -- Cracking the code for mobile wireless broadcasting - LightSurf -- Power Media Processor enhances camera phone quality -
IBM -- ThinkPad T42 offers bigger screen, thin frame, and security - Sandisk -- Combo SD memory/Wi-Fi wireless card ready to ship - Network Improv -- Shorthand typing for Tablet PC
Further Items of Interest...

June II -ROVA -- platform-independent remote access management system. - Omnivox -- Turning conference tables into loudspeakers - Fujitsu -- S7000 one of lightest 14-inch laptops ever - Muvee -- First video editing tool designed for mobile phone applications - PalmSource -- RIM's BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS - ATI -- First External USB 2.0 TV Solution for Notebooks
Further Items of Interest...

May II - OQO -- uPC is 13-Ounce Windows XP -- Handheld Computer - Bitstream -- ThunderHawk Browser for Smartphones - Palm - New Zire 72 Offers Powerful Multimedia and Wireless Features
HP -- Company Makes First Foray into Rugged Notebooks and Tablet PCs - Microsoft -- Redmond Delivers Sneak Peek at Upgrade to Popular OneNote - Further Items of Interest...

May I - AppForge -- Crossfire 5.0 Microsoft .NET Framework Development Tool - HP -- "Real Life" Digital Camera Technology Makes Mark on Digicam Market - MindJet -- MindManager Mobile Business Tool for Brainstorming Assistance - WinBook -- W Series is all about widescreen portable computing - Toshiba -- 2.5-Inch Drive Hits 100GB
Further Items of Interest...

April II - Roving Planet -- "Less Painful" WLAN - Management and Control - SyNET -- nTracker Mobile Security and Computer Recovery Tool - Sharp -- The New .62-inch Thick Actius MM20 - PackHop -- Mobile Mesh Deployment with the Golden Gate Safety Network
Further Items of Interest...

March II - Sybase iAnywhere -- New Developer Tools and Mobile E-mail Servers - JIWIRE -- Downloadable Hotspot Directory Available Via Web - Vulcan --FlipStart Could Bring Windows XP to PDAs - Proxim -- The Start of Voice Over Wi-Fi May Have Arrived
Google -- Froogle Offers Comparison Shoppers a Wireless Web Tool
Further Items of Interest...

March I - IBM -- New X40 is IBM's Thinnest, Lightest Portable Ever - SanDisk -- 1GB SD Card & 4GB CF Card Plays Catch Up with Hard Disk Technology - Visto -- Company Unveils Plans for Visto Mobile E-mail Server
Fujitsu -- New Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC Offers Larger Screen, Small Form Factor - Pen&Internet -- First Cursive Handwriting Recognition System for Palm OS
Further Items of Interest...

February II - Pumatech -- Personal SyncNet Architecture - Wallace Wireless -- Wallace Incident Communicator - Mobiltec -- Secure Streaming Media Solution for Wireless Providers - NuCore -- CleanCapture Image Processors for Digital Camera Vendors - Ensure Technologies -- No-Password Enterprise Security with XyLoc
Further Items of Interest...

February I - Aligo -- Simplifying Mobile Deployments with Omni - PatientKeeper -- On Duty at Duke University Verizon -- BroadbandAccess Offers National 3G Service SyChip -- Next-Gen SD Card WLAN Products - Further Items of Interest...

January II - Fujitsu -- Large Screen Laptops Redefine High End - Transmeta -- Debut of New Mobile Crusoe Processors - Toshiba -- World's Smallest Hard Drive Measures .85 Inches - Top Global -- Data Bridge May Link Wi-Fi and 3G - HP -- Rebranded Apple iPod Big Shot in Digital Music War -- Further Items of Interest...

January I - Xpherix -- Wireless PIM for BREW Phones
iGolf Technologies -- SD GPS Receiver for Palm and Pocket PC - GN Netcom -- Dual Use Bluetooth Headset
WorldCruizer -- Verizon's Get It Now instant messaging service -- Further Items of Interest...

December II -Avocent -- First Wireless KVM Extender Offers 100 Foot Range
Texas Instruments -- New OMAP Processor Faster, Better Battery Life
Bsquare -- VGA-Resolution Power Handheld Debuts
Audible -- Treo Smartphone Compatible Cements Company's Lead
Synchrologic -- Mobile Suite 5.4 Debuts For Broad Range of Mobile Devices
Further Interests....

December I -SanDisk SD Wi-Fi Update - Pocket PC users go Wi-Fi; Palm does not --Pumatech TrueSync Server 4.0 -Carriers can offer sync services for wireless devices --PrinterOn PocketWhere 3.0 for Blackberries -Wireless printing from any BlackBerry --Symbol Tech PDT 8146 -An innovative rugged PDA delivers Voice Over Wi-Fi -- Corel Grafigo 2 -Sketch and collaboration on the Tablet PC -- 2004 StorageVisionsSM Conference and Home Gateway Summit
Further Items of Interest..

November II - InfoSpace Mobile – Enabling Content Creation and Deployment to the Wireless Masses --
AT&T Wireless Defines the Wireless Data Edge -- Sprint PCS Jumps on the Push-to-Talk Bandwagon with Nationwide Launch of PCS Ready Link Service --MusiKube – A Completely New Way to Explore Music
-- SYWARE Brings Database Abilities to Microsoft’s Mobile Windows Platform -- fusionOne’s MightyPhone Empowers Wireless Phone Sync for the Masses
-- Hands on Review of Tapwave’s Zodiac -- Further Items of Interest..

November I - HP Launches New mp3130 Mobile Projector Incorporating MARGI Wireless Presenter-to-Go Technology -- Verizon Introduces Wireless “BroadbandAccess” 1xEVDO Data Service to San Diego and Washington DC Metro Areas -- November 24th: Independence Day for the Huddled Wireless Masses as Number Portability Arrives -- Sony Ericsson Releases Full Details about the P900 Smart Phone, the Successor to its Popular P800 -- Motorola Semiconductor Announces Mobile Extreme Convergence (MXC) Architecture Aimed at Reducing the Cost and Time to Deploy New Wireless Systems -- Meru Networks Launches into the Enterprise Wireless LAN Market with a System That Raises the Performance Bar by a Factor of Five --Further Items of Interest…

October II - Apple Launches the Much Anticipated iTunes for Windows--Forward Solutions’ Migo Fills a Much Needed Void for Mobile Computing: The Mobile Windows Desktop--Sierra Wireless Announces Plans to Ship Wireless Phones and Joins the Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone Camp--Countermind Releases MI Application Assembler, an Intuitive Drag-and Drop Mobile Application Development Platform--Wireless Security Corporation Brings Zero-Maintenance Enterprise Level Wi-Fi Security to the SMB Market--Further Items of Interest…--Averatec 5110P Notebook PC Hands-On Review

October I - PCMCIA Launches ExpressCard v1.0 PC Card Standard for Use in Notebook and Desktop PCs --Fujitsu Announces Availability of the LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC Series--Mirra Launches New Personal Server for Consumer and SOHO Market--AirPrism: Next-Generation MRM Solutions for Intelligently Managing Enterprise Mobility--Sprint PCS Samsung SPH-i500 Hands-On Review

September II - Broadcom and Philips Semiconductor
-- Achieve Dramatic Wi-Fi Improvements with New Chips.HP iPaq h1935 -- Slim Size, Slim Price, Plenty of Power.SanDisk Introduces Extreme and Ultra II CF and SD Cards -- - Increased Speeds and Durability, Suit Professional Photographers. NearSpace -- Provides Products That Integrate Graphics and Data on PDAs.Verizon Wireless -- Send Photos to Outlook or Palm Contact Lists with Xpherix iPhonebook.

September I - AlphaSmart Dana -- Enhanced notebook PDA hybrid-Agfa Licenses Fonts to Motorola -- Motorola uses scalable fonts in handheld device-
Morpho Demonstrates SDR -- Software Defined Radio redefines baseband processing- Sprint Releases Hitachi G1000 -- New Pocket PC Phone Edition device with camera- IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access -- Palm and IBM on enterprise development

August II- Symbol PSM20i -- Bar code reader for Motorola mobile phones Mobile Lifecycle Management Suite -- Handheld management software for enterprise Pixo Mobile Download Server -- Sun adopts Pixo as plank in Java Nokia Image Viewer -- Bluetooth image transfer from phone to monitor Fujitsu LifeBook N Series -- Stunning new display technology in desktop replacement Fat Finger MessagEase -- Alternative input for PDAs

August I - Good GoodLink 2.0 -- GoodLink 2.0 offers broad device and network support. M-Systems -- As a Palm OS Ready partner, M-Systems readies flash drives for PDAs Samsung i500 -- Clamshell smartphone good on voice, weak on PDA features Garmin iQue 3600 -- Groundbreaking new GPS-aware PDA Intel, Sun Embed Java -- Embedding J2ME on chips ushers in new era in mobile wireless Comarco ChargeSource -- Universal charger makes mobile operations easier --Computerworld's Best Practices in Mobile & Wireless Awards Program

July II - Gateway 100X Pocket PC -- New low-cost Pocket PC from Gateway unveiled iAnywhere Supports Nokia -- Symbian gets access to PDA-style offline Web viewing M-Systems Mobile DiskOnChip G3 -- Gigabyte-class storage available for PDAs Toshiba 80GB 2.5-inch drive -- Notebooks get access to desktop-class storage AT&T Launches Push-to-Talk -- Major carriers announce Nextel-style P2T VIA Antaur Mobile Processor -- A third company enters mobile CPU market

July I - Pocket PC 2003 -- New features in Microsoft's updated PDA OS T-Mobile Hotspots -- Dell resells hotspot service to accelerate growth. Q12 -- Alternative keypad for mobile phones delivers QWERTY Nokia 6600 -- New camera phone includes Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS Good in the News -- A string of smart moves positions Good for wireless dominance Fujitsu LifeBook P5000 -- A really small notebook with a really wide screen

June II - 1Beyond DV Pro 3000 -- Biggest-ever Windows-based notebook display Oyster Dock -- Universal docking solution for notebooks Micro thermal printer for notebooks and PDAs. Onset METAmessage for Wireless -- Rich enterprise content for BlackBerry. HP Introduces New iPAQ Line -- Four new Pocket PCs boast wireless capabilities.
Tom Tom Navigator -- Cutting-edge new GPS solution for Pocket PC. Tungsten W -- Hands-On Review. Tungsten C -- Hands-On Review

June I - Sierra Wireless MP GPRS 750-- Rugged wireless modem for in-vehicle operation. 2-in-1 Stylus -- Combo stylus/inkpen for Tungsten T. MPrint -- Micro thermal printer for notebooks and PDAs. Pixer for Palm OS -- Multimedia Messaging comes to the Tungsten W. Mailblocks -- Web-based e-mail for mobile users blocks 100% of spam
Avertec Value Notebook -- SOTEC renames itself, launches $1000 Wi-Fi notebook

May II - iGo Pitch Solo -- PowerPoint presentations from any Palm OS PDA or smartphone. Nextel Plans Wi-Fi Mobile Phone -- Motorola handset will permit VoIP calls via Wi-Fi. Bitstream ThunderHawk -- a high-quality proxy Web browser for Pocket PC. MediaQ Introduces Katana -- Multimedia co-processing migrates from desktop to PDA. Verizon Launches Wi-Fi -- NYC becomes home to largest ever Wi-Fi rollout.. Verizon Launches Wi-Fi -- NYC becomes home to largest ever Wi-Fi rollout

May I - Reviews of:Tungsten C -- A Wi-Fi-enabled enterprise device from Palm. Nextel Plans Wi-Fi Mobile Phone -- Motorola handset will permit VoIP calls via Wi-Fi. LoudPC-- Remotely access desktop data from any wireless device. LapWorks Laptop Desk -- Handy laptop stand with ergonomic properties. Cellmania Embraces BREW -- Wireless app giant throws hat into BREW arena. Bluesocket WGX-4000 -- High speed, interoperable wireless switch

April II - Reviews of:Vindigo Pre-Paid Subscription Cards -- A new sales model for PDA city guides. AT&T Wireless Link+Sync -- Quick access to wireless synchronization. Xybernaut, MicroOptical SV-3 and SV-9 -- Heads-up displays for industrial apps. DataViz Beyond Contacts -- Outlook comes to the Palm OS. Digit Wireless Fastap Keyboard -- Innovative input design for new Pocket PCs. Kinkos Offers Wi-Fi -- More Wi-Fi hotspots means wireless is on fire.

April I - Reviews of: Sony Clie PEG-TG50 -- Advanced features appear in mainstream, affordable Sony PDA. NVIDIA GeForce Go -- Notebook graphics get a power boost. Datastick Connection Plus BT -- Industrial diagnostics wirelessly. NEC MobilePro Sync -- Push-enabled mail and PIM features for Palm and Pocket PC. Cisco Buys LinkSys -- Network equipment leader absorbs home networking company. Sharp Actius MM10 -- A new Transmeta-powered ultra-portable has its own sync cradle

March II - Reviews of: LinkSys Instant Wireless Presentation - Fujitsu LifeBook E2000 - Intel Centrino - SanDisk miniSD - Wi-Fi at Borders and McDonalds - Samsung SGH-i500

March I - Reviews of: Sony Memory Stick Pro -- High bandwidth removable media augments Sony's Memory Stick line. Corel Grafigo -- A "proof of concept" graphics app for the Tablet PC. SpeechPhone -- Voice-activated unified messaging for mobile workers. ActiveBuddy -- Intelligent agents for corporate self-service applications. Thinmail MobCall -- Trigger conference calls via e-mail or SMS.

February II - Reviews of: M-Systems DiskOnChip G3 - A new internal memory product based on M-Systems' recently announced x2 technology. Covigo Platform Release 3.5 -- provides offline functionality for mobile, web, and portal applications. Telispark - Application development for the wireless industry. Pen & Internet - Provides tools to make handwriting better for Tablet PCs. SanDisk - New line of wireless Wi-Fi cards. Iphonebook - Service that wirelessly links a subscribers' PIM address book data directly to their mobile phone. IXI Mobile - Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG).

February I - Reviews of: WiredRed - Secure enterprise instant messaging software. Fidelica - Fingerprint verification software for laptops. Rappore Technologies - Personal firewall software for people operating a wireless LAN in a public hot spot. Plaxo - Store and update your contacts on their web server. MicroOptical - Ultra-light, portable displays. Amplifi - Real-time enterprise server. CMS ABSPlus - PC Card backup solution for laptops.

January II - Reviews of: Mobility Electronics - Juice. DocumenTree Inc - Online content & document management service. Psion Teklogix - 802.11 wireless telephones through a partnership with SpectraLink. Olympus - Stylus Digital line of digital cameras. SyChip - WLAN6060SD NIC design in new line of SanDisk Connect SD wireless products. PalmSource - First GPS Handheld From GARMIN. Sony - New CLIE handheld.

January I - Reviews of: FranklinCovey TabletPlanner - Planning and productivity software application for the Windows-powered Tablet PC. Mazingo Mobile delivery platform - Mobile content delivery now supports the new Palm Tungsten T handheld. IPWireless - The company's latest release of network software. LapLink Everywhere - Remote access software technology. Motion Computing M1200 Tablet PC - New 12.1-inch Tablet PC. Toshiba Portégé 3500 series - Tablet PC/notebook combos.



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