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May 11

Written by: J. Gerry Purdy


"Rhomobile provides enterprises with a development platform that uses standard HTML web development tools and libraries to create and manage mobile apps across every major mobile operating platform."
Adam Blum, CEO, Rhomobile

You’re in charge of mobile development for a major corporation, and your users have proposed dozens of exciting new mobile applications that must get developed as soon as possible. You groan. How in the world are you going to satisfy all those users and not take months to get the apps created? Or, (even worse) how can you do it without hiring a bunch of new staff that will cost the company an arm and a leg?

While it certainly may be worth it to spend money and time to develop a commercial mobile application, what you really want and need is a cost-effective way to build mobile applications and get the job done in days rather than weeks or months.

I’ve been following a young company named Rhomobile in Silicon Valley that has developed a very impressive set of tools that is helping hundreds of enterprises quickly and cost effectively build and deploy mobile applications across a number of popular mobile platforms such as Apple iOS and Google Android. The company recently closed on five million in new capital. Clearly, Rhomobile is on the right track to become a very successful company.

Figure 1. RhoMBUS

The Rhomobile Mobile Business Unified Services (RhoMBUS) is a set of services that can be used stand-alone or integrated together:

  • Rhodes: This is a development framework that uses standard web development tools to leverage the web development already done and allows you to create mobile apps across the different major mobile environments, including Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), Google Android (phones and tablets),  Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 and RIM BlackBerry. Rhodes Framework supports standard HTML style libraries.
  • RhoSync: Middleware server that connects the mobile app to the enterprise’s back end severs, for example, a database or SAP environment.
  • RhoHub: Manage the full life cycle of the apps development. Provides Development as a Service (DaaS) for mobile. RohHub enables developers to build for all smartphones online and eliminates the need to install SDKs. This feature allows developers to work with other developers on same project over the web.
  • RhoGallery: An app store environment for the enterprise. Enables the IT department to create an internal app store for all of its users and a method of provisioning (activating) and deprovisioning the apps for the user. 

Figure 2. Rhomobile Development Environment

Why should an enterprise IT department use Rhomobile?

  • Rhodes runs everywhere
    • Write once, run on every smartphone
  • Only MVC framework for smartphones
    • Use web development skills to write native apps
  • Only framework with sync
    • Enables smartphone usage in the enterprise
  • Only DaaS for mobile
    • Write apps without installing SDKs locally
  • Only development framework that is enterprise security compliant
    • Enables data encryption on the device, remote wipe of the device and secure authentication
  • Uses web standards for its services
    • Can be used by all existing web developers

Rhomobile’s business model provides the Rhodes framework free to develop apps.  There is an enterprise license available for companies that want service levels for support.  RhoSync, RhoHub and RhoGallery all utilize software as a service. Users only pay for what they use. These are cloud-based environments that provide services at a lower cost than if the enterprise had to install and maintain these services.

So, if you’re in charge of mobile development, you now have an app that will let you immediately develop new mobile applications using web standards and satisfy your users. And, the best thing is it won’t take months, you won’t have to hire new staff, and you’ll save that arm and leg!

Written By:

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.
Principal Analyst
Mobile & Wireless
MobileTrax LLC
[email protected]

Disclosure Statement: From time to time, I may have a direct or indirect equity position in a company that is mentioned in this column. If that situation happens, then I’ll disclose it at that time.


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